Grow Your Business. Conquer Your Life.

Learn the secrets behind the most successful empires on Earth

What’s the difference between most businesses in the world, and the mere 25% that make it to the 15-year mark and beyond?

The latter knows the secret – to building a business that people want to be loyal to. The secret to marketing a business properly. To generating sales effortlessly. To identifying areas begging to grow, and feeding them with the fuel they crave.

We’re talking about the secret to prosperity, and the FREEDOM to THRIVE – not just survive…

We’re in the business of making your business…our business…by taking responsibility and accountability for helping you grow. We are passionate about collaborating with high-potential companies who know they are capable of achieving greatness, but seem to be hitting the same glass ceiling over and over again.
With support from experienced industry connoisseurs, you can shatter the glass keeping you from growing and achieve success beyond anything you ever thought possible. Together, we can market your brand with precision. We can generate unlimited sales with confidence. We can arm you with the financial strategies you need to become extraordinary.

Welcome to Freedom to Thrive. Welcome to the future of your brand.


Welcome to Freedom to Thrive

We exist to help businesses big and small build solid financial strategies that position you for unstoppable growth. With 20+ years of experience in accounting, sales & marketing, leadership training, real estate sales, financial coaching and education, and business development, we have the experience and passion needed to take your business to the next level.

Freedom to Thrive takes the concept of “consulting” to the next level. Whether your business is new or well-established, the marketing strategy you’ve been trying to build is right here – waiting to come alive. Together, we can make it happen – turning an ordinary business into a profitable empire that puts money-making on autopilot.

Our services

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Management Consulting

We’ll identify areas for progress and growth in your business, digging from the ground up to help your company – new or pre-established – thrive and increase sales now and in the future. Learn how to earn the loyalty of your audience, and nurture your profits from the bottom line up. You never know – you could be sitting on untapped opportunities to take your income to new heights.

Marketing + Strategy Consulting

Work with marketing experts and experienced strategists to give your business a strong and consistent presence across all channels. No matter the size of your business, you deserve a professional marketing strategy that positions you for unstoppable growth – and we at Freedom to Thrive can give that to you.

Personal Consulting

If any or all areas of your life could do with a little (or a lot of) improvement, let our private consultants guide you in the right direction. Whether you want to sharpen your financial literacy or learn the best-kept secrets to long-term profitability, Freedom to Thrive is your partner in prosperity for life.

What Our Clients Say

I have had the most amazing experience with this company. Found them on Yelp, reached out and within a few short months I was able to secure enough funding for my Real Estate business. Thank you so much!!
Margaret Curtis​
Real Estate Developer
We were looking for consulting on a business plan and strategy to help scale our company to 500 clients and that's exactly what we got. In fact, they over delivered. We were able to close over 650 clients in our second year of business. We are rocking! Our clients are happy and so are we!
Matthew Fox​
Development Company
I work personally with contractors and developers and always look for innovative ways to make our projects more appealing. Julie from The FTT Consulting Group helped us improve our online presence by optimizing our marketing. We are now in a position to grow our revenue by 80% over the next six months. THANK YOU!!
Alex Flannigan

Welcome to Freedom to Thrive. Welcome to the future of your brand.